Loom is a game in which the act of weaving and buying are juxtaposed in order to explore the economic and social tensions found between consuming and producing clothing in a capitalist economy. By participating in both the physical motion of sewing and swiping a card to “purchase” clothing rapidly, players are invited to consider what they find pleasurable about both actions and why. At the end of the game, one of two possible win conditions is generated by the computer: 1. longest weave, or 2. largest wardrobe. Because only one action will allow them to “win” the game, but players are not sure which action allow them to win, tensions between wether or not these two systems can coexist in society and how much time should be spent participating in each, are called into question.

PDF Instruction Manual.

Roles: Art Direction, Game Design, Programming (Java), Digital Fabrication (CNC Mill)

Created Using: Processing, Illustrator

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