Q&A was my senior capstone interactive thesis, which combines conceptual elements from tarot, fortunetelling, and astrology to create a unique physical interface comprised of a touch screen display, custom walnut keyboard, and portable thermal printer from which users receive a 'fortune' or tarot reading in the form of a customized illustration.

The images are generated through an algorithm I wrote which checks each word imputed by the user against a database of images that I created. Most words in the English language correspond to an image within the data set. When the word is recognized, the image is pulled and presented in the form of a collage with other elements on the touch screen display. Each fortune 'receipt' becomes a unique artifact the user gets to keep.

This project synthesized my love of working with physical materials, code, and alternative interfaces.

Roles: Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Programming (Processing, Java), Digital Fabrication, Illustration, Woodblock Printing

Created Using: Processing (Raspberry Pi), Photoshop, Illustrator, VCarve

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