Scope is an website I built for ScopeLab, an open working group at UCLA focused on exploring code as a creative medium with which to understand and represent diverse perspectives.

This website seeks to provide documentation on the ScopeLab project, as well as present information on the biased nature of data often used in tech and academic environments in the year 2017. Data visualization is often viewed as scientific and therefore unbiased and truthful. Research conducted by ScopeLab during the Spring of 2017 suggests data used in visualizations related to underrepresented perspectives are often visually inaccurate.

The images displayed represent initial mockups for the site, which I am still constructing. The final site will feature interactive functionality using p5.js as a tool for creating visual interactivity.

Roles: Art Direction, Web Design, Programming (HTML, p5.js, JQuery Javascript)

Created Using: Brackets, p5.js, Illustrator

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